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Bruce County : Marriages


registration #, county, groom's name, age, occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents' names; bride's name, age, her birthplace, her residence, her parents' names; witnesses, date & place of marriage.

#002094-1874 (Bruce Co): Robert LOVE, 23, machinist, Scotland, Milwauke, USA, s/o Robert & Mary LOVE, married Isabella Jane AIKENS, 16, London Ont, Kincardine, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth AIKENS; witnesses were William BUTTON, James GRAY, of Kincardine. 30 Jun 1874 at Kincardine.

#002095-1874 (Bruce Co): Isaac ORFORD, 26, farmer, Co Hastings Ont, Tp Bruce, s/o George & Sarah ORFORD, married Phoebe Ann STEINHOFF, 26, Tp Erin Co Wellington, Tp Bruce; witness was Mrs. MITCHEL, of Kincardine. 14 Jul 1874 at Kincardine. mine

#002096-1874 (Bruce Co): Archibald NOBLE, 32, no occupation, Nova Scotia, United States, s/o John NOBLE & Julia McNIVAN married Flora McPHEE, 22, Canada, Kincardine, d/o John McPHEE & Mary FRASER; witnesses were Hugh BLACK & Archy McLEAN, of Bruce. 23 Feb 1874 at Kincardine.

#002317-1874 (Bruce Co): Ely ? Albert BRILLINGER, 25, farmer, Tp Whitchurch, Ont, Tp Carrik, Ont, s/o John & Mary BRILLINGER, married Eliza CROZIER, 23, Tp Chinguacousy Ont, Tp Arran Ont, d/o George & Eliza CROZIER; witnesses were George & Mary CROZIER, of Township of Arran. 4 Mar 1874 at Village of Port Elgin, Ont.
Note: should be registered in Port Elgin Village not Saugeen Township, line drawn through.

#002318-1874 (Bruce Co): George PRATT, 25, farmer, Tp of Innisfil Ont, Notawasaga Tp Ont, s/o John & Dorah PRATT, married Catharine BAKER, 20, Markham Ont, Saugeen Tp Ont, d/o Samuel & Catharine BAKER; witnesses were Hannah & Joseph BAKER, of Tp of Saugeen. 14 Apr 1874 at Township of Saugeen.

#002319-1874 (Bruce Co): Edward WILSON, 20, farmer, Kincardine, Township of Saugeen, s/o Harvey & Marie WILSON, married Sarah Ann RUSSEL, 16, Township of Saugeen, same, d/o George & Marie RUSSEL; witnesses were Lao RUSSEL, of Saugeen, Mary Ann CLULEY, of Tp of Bruce. 22 Nov 1874 at Township of Saugeen. mine

#001414-1879 (Bruce Co): Chas. A. JACKSON, 22, evengelist, Buffalo York State, Tp Bruce, parents-cannot say, left as orphan in Germany, married Phobe Annie STEINHOFF, 30, Ontario, W, d/o John STEINHOFF & Mary ORFORD sic SANFORD; witnesses E H MONTENAY ?, Charlotte JOHNSTONE, of Tp Bruce. 22 Dec 1879 at Royal Hotel, Kincardine. mine

#001415-1879 (Bruce Co): Dan'l McDONALD, 23, buss driver, Kincardine Tp, Kincardine Town, s/o John A & Jessie McDONALD, married Maria McDONALD, 21, Brantford Ont, Tp Bruce Co Bruce, d/o Colin McDONALD & Margaret McINTYRE; witnesses were Levi LEWIS, Juliane McLEAN, of Kincardine, Ont. 5 Dec 1879, at Kincardine Town.

#001416-1879 (Bruce Co): James Johnston BRADLEY, 31, carpenter, Durham Co Ont, Pine River Ont, s/o Edward & Jane BRADLEY, married Margeret Goldie McCRINDLE, 27, Ayr Ont, Pine River Ont, d/o James McCRINDLE & Jane McCUTCHION; witnesses were David McCRINDLE, Elizabeth GAMBLE, of Pine River Ont. 22 Dec 1879 at Kincardine Town.

#001596-1883 (Bruce Co): J B McCORMICK, 30, farmer, Ireland, Kincardine Tp, s/o Joseph & Mary McCORMICK, married Ann ROBINSON, 26, Ontario, Kincardine Tp; witnesses were Adam & Mary MANNERS. 28 Jan 1883 at Kincardine Town.

#001597-1883 (Bruce Co): Lao RUSSELL, 23, farmer, Saugeen, same, s/o George & Maria RUSSELL, married Rebecca Ann VANCE, 21, Kinloss, 2nd Con Bruce, d/o Alexander & Ellen VANCE; witnesses were Benjamin RUSSELL, of Saugeen, Anna WILSON, Kincardine. 25 Dec 1882 at Kincardine Town. mine

#001624-1883 (Bruce Co): James A. HUTTON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Carrick Tp, s/o Andrew HUTTON & Agnes McNEE, married Janet KINMOND, 25, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o Peter & Mary KINMOND; witnesses were Peter KINMOND, Bruce, John HUTTON, Port Elgin. 4 Apr 1883 at Township of Bruce.

#001625-1883 (Bruce Co): William MURRAY, 26, mechanic, widower, Ontario, Bruce Tp, s/o James MURRAY & Sarah MOORE, married Catherine FARRELL, 23, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o John FARRELL, Hannah ENGLISH; witnesses were John FARRELL, Thomas MURRAY, of Bruce. 25 Apr 1883, at Township of Bruce.

#001626-1883 (Bruce Co): James Robertson AITCHISON/ACTCHISON, 28, printer, Scotland, Paisley, s/o Robert AITCHISON/ACTCHISON & Euphemia ROBERTSON, married Maggie FULLERTON, 28, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o Robert FULLERTON & Jane FAIRBAIRN; witnesses were John H QUAYLE, of Paisley, Jane FULLERTON, of Bruce. 16 May 1883 at Gresham.

#001642-1883 (Bruce Co): Alexander BROWN, 25, farmer, Kincardine Township, same, s/o James & Harriot BROWN, married Martha HILDER, 22, Ontario, Kincardine Township, d/o Henry & Kate HILDER; witnesses were John BROWN, Henrietta HILDER, of Kincardine Tp. 4 Jun 1883 at Armow.

#001643-1883 (Bruce Co): Samuel Switzer HOLMES, 27, merchant, Township of Vaughan, Bervie, s/o Godrey & Rebecca HOLMES, married Alice Martha McINTRYE, 20, Bervie, same, d/o Nichol & Elizabeth McINTYRE; witnesses were James McGREGGOR, Emily Elen McINTYRE, of Bervie. 13 Jun 1883 at Bervie.

#001644-1883 (Bruce Co): John McKENZIE, 30, carpenter, Lead Mills Scotland, Kincardine Tp; s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Violet WEIR, married Christena McKENZIE, 25, Kincardine Tp, same, d/o John McKENZIE, & Mary WILSON; witnesses were James & Hugh McKENZIE, of Kincardine Tp. 24 Jul 1883 at Kincardine Tp.



Marriages: Carrick

Carrick Marriages (Bruce County) 1870-1885

The names might be spelled wrong as this is my interpretation of the German letters. Most of these marriages take place in Carrick Township.

Format: Groom, his place of birth, Brides name, place of Birth, her parents and date of marriage. (If married before the complete names of her parents)

Nicol Wettlaugher, (Germany) to Augusta STEINKE (Germany) Gottlieb & Wilhelmina on June 28, 1870

Frederick Zinn (Germany) to Eliz DIPPEL (Canada) Heimich/Eliz Dippel on October 10, 1870

Fred? Luno (Germany) to Frederica KLER (Germany) Christian/Augustine on Nov or Dec 2, 1870.

John Krueger (Germany) to Mina SEIK (Germany) John /Maria on Jan 4, 1872

Will Knechtel (Canada) to Marg HUNSTEIN (Germany) Henry/ Elizabeth on January 23, 1872

Fred Hohmann (Germany) to Emile HERMAN (Germany) Joachim & Wilh. ZUMACH on May 18, 1872

Francis Sherlock Sterne, (Canada) to Francis KIDD (Canada) William /Anne on Jan. 9, 1873.

Albert Kler (Germany) to Pauline PERSCHBACHER (Canada) John/Eliz. on August 27, 1872.

George Kidd (Canada) to Fredericka BERNS (Germany) John/Maria on April 8, 1873

John Witting (Germany) to Wilhemina BERNS (Germany) John / Maria on Nov 12, 1873.

Jacob Bechtel (Canada) to Lisabetha WIEGAND (Canada) John/ Margeretha on Jan. 13, 1874

Jacob Petermann (Canada) to Maria BALZE (Germany) George / Maria Fitzinger on Oct 20, 1874.

Charles Milhaus (Germany) to Sophia REPKE (Germany) Christian / Maria on Nov 18, 1874.

Jacob Eckel (Germany) to Margetha HAHN (Canada) George/ Catherine on Dec 14, 1874.

Ludwig Reuber (Germany) to Catherine SCHMIDT (Canada) F.J./Catharine on Dec 18, 1874.

L? Wagner (Canada) to Sarah LINDENSCHMIDT (Canada) Barthold/Cath. On March 16, 1875.

Simon? Kachele (Canada) to Margeretha PERSCHBACHER (Canada) John / Elizabeth on April 6, 1875.

George Eckel (Smithville) to Mary BROP?S (Hamilton) August/Catharine on September 28, 1875

Dietrich Dippel (Woolwich) to Elisabeth BERST (Wellesley) Magnus/Sarah on November 2, 1875.

Henry Dippel (Germany) to Dorothea REUBER (Carrick) Peter/Mary on January 25, 1876.

James Wood (Ireland) to Sophia HAUG (Germany) Charles/ Dorothea Beese on 14 March 1876.

Jacob Wiegard (Woolwich) to Fredericka PROSS (Hamilton) August/Catherine on March 14, 1876 * There was no date and it appears that the marriages were done along with the Wood wedding*

Frederick Koch (Canada) to Mary EVERS (Carrick) Henry/ Mary on April 4, 1876.

Fred Schmidt (Germany) to Anna KACHELE (Walpole) Daniel /Anna on 27 July 1876.

?ndinant Mauer (Germany) to Wilhelmina KRUGER (Germany) John /Hannah on 3 October 1876.

Christian PERSCHBACHER (Canada) to Rebecca GIMBER (Elmira) Henry/Ere on 7 October 1876.

William Smith (Puslinch) to Margaret HERMAN (Detroit, Mich USA) John/Agatha on May 1, 1877.

? George Zummach? (Germany) to Sophia Caroline EVERS (Carrick) Fred/ Caroline on 27 Nov. 1877.

? Krueger (Germany) to Margeretha EVERS (Carrick) portion of page is missing which also includes the date. It is between November 27,1877 and April 2, 1878.

William Graff (Wilmot) to Caroline ZINN (Carrick) Ernest/ Margaret on April 2 1878.

George Koch (Wellesley) to Catherine DIPPEL (Carrick) Peter/Predericka on April 9, 1978.

David Bell (Scotland) to Susan GRESS (Dumfries, On.) Philipp (Jr.) /Mary on April 11, 1878.

Jacob K. Reinhardt (Hamburg) to Susan DIPPEL (Carrick) Peter/Wilhelmina on October 22, 1878.

Andreas Bolander (Woolwich) to Anna M. REUBER (Germany) John/Anna G. on November 16,1881.

Gerhardt Wolf (Germany) to Bertha KRUEGER (Carrick) Yoihing/Wilhelmina on December 6, 1881.

Martin Wolf (Germany) to Louise MACKE (Carrick) Ernest/Louise on January 5, 1882.

Caspar Pfeiffer (Germany) to Miena LANG (Germany) Albert/Miena on April 2(?), 1882.

Daniel Stemmler (Carrick) to Elisabeth WENDT (Wilmot) John/Dorothea on April 13, 1882.

Albert Krause (Germany) to Catherine BECHTEL (Hamburg, Ont) Jacob/Catherine on May 10, 1882.

Emanuel Unger (Ontario) to Sophia TRASS (Ontario) Augustus/Catharine on March 15, 1883.

Simon Heinmiller (Ontario) to Anna Elis. DIPPEL (Ontario) Peter / Friederiche on December 18, 1883.

Moses Hernhauser (?) (Ontario) to Sarah PERSCHBACHER (Ontario) John/Elisabeth on June 17, 1884.

William Zinn (Ontario) to Rebecca SCHIVERTZER (?) (Ontario) Jacob? / Mary on January 1, 1884. (this is as written in the book)

George R/ Schivertzer (Ontario) to Almeda SCHLEGEL (ONTARIO) ?/Mary on March 27. 1884

Johannes ? Miller (Carrick) to Lydia LIESEMER (Carrick) G.P./Wilhelmina on December 2, 1884.

Conrad Miller (Normanby) to Catherine MILLER (Carrick) Jacob/Barbara on December 2, 1884.

John Koenig (Normanby) to Anna BILGER (Walpole) Jacob/Ursula on March 3, 1885.

Carrick Marriages 1885-1894

Format: Groom surname/Name/ where he was born/ Brides name/ Place of Birth/ Parents/ Date of wedding (please remember there are spelling errors on my part)

Krasue, Moses, Carrick, to Maria FILSINGER, Germany, (Wm & Catharine) on March 6,1894

Russwamm, Carl, Perth County, to Sabrina EVERS, Carrick, (Fred & Caroline) on Feb 20, 1894

Losch, John; Carrick, to Marg DAMM ; Normanby; (Conrad/Cath) April 5,1894

Rilger, Solmon; Carrick to Mary Olgo HAIST; Zurich; (Rev. G. & Mary) July 31,1894

Rilger, Moses; Carrick, to Mary SCHMIDT; Carrick :(John Yost Schmidt/ Elizabeth) April 15,1895

Schmidt, Samuel: Carrick to Catherine Voelzing; Carrick (Valentine/Elizabeth) Nov. 20, 1895

Diebel, Frederic: Carrick to Mary LIESEMER; Carrick (G. Peter/Wilhemina) Jan. 1,1896

Eckel, Jacob; Carrick to Lydia DAMM ; Wellesley,Ont; (John B./Maria) March 31,1896

Witter, Ernest: Carrick, to Wilhelmina LOSH; Carrick (Joseph/Annie) Nov. 8,1892

Rueber, Henry: Port Elgin, to Mathara LIESEMER; Carrick (Peter/Wilhemina) Aug 16, 1892

Schwandt, Jno. Sol; Bentick to Marg EVERS; Carrick (Fred /Caroline) May 3, 1892

Seiling, John; Carrick to Elizabeth LOSH, Carick (Adam/Margaret) March 15, 1892

Velsing, John; Carrick to Mary Ann HAUG; Carrick (jacob /Elizabeth) March 1, 1892

Rapp, Henry ; Germany to Annie ZINN; (Henry /?) Dec 1. 1891

Schmidt, John: Germany to Dorethea ? Horman (Frederich /Sophia) August 276, 1891 * This record was all mixed up and hard to figure out

Fink, Jacob; Carrick; to Anna FABEL ; Carrick (Conrad/ Caroline) March 29, 1888

Litt, George; Fularton to Catharina ZINN; Carrick(Ernest/Margeretha) March 13, 1888

Eckel, George: Dokata to Caroline HAHN; Woolwich; (George/ Katharina) March 1, 1888

Rueber, Henry; Carrick to Louisa ZINN; Carrick (Fredrich/Caroline) Feb 22, 1888

Hahn, George: Carrick to Wilhelmina REUBER; Carrick(Peter /Maria) Feb. 15, 1888

Schell, George: Carrick to Margaretha HEINBECHER ; Neustadt (Henry/Anna) Nov 23, 1887

Bilger, Jacob; Carrick to Margaretha SCHMIDT; Carrick (John Yost/Elizabeth) April 11, 1887

Linderschmidt, Salomon: South E. Hope to Anna SCHMIDT; Carrick (John Yost/Elizabeth) Marz 22, 1887.

Rossman, William: Ellico: to Wilhelmina EVERS; Carrick (Fred/Carolina) Marz 22, 1887

Miller, Daniel; Whalbool, to Alice HAHN; Carrick (George/Elizabeth) Marz 9, 1887

P/Falk, Werner: Perth County to Maria SCHMIDT; Carrick (Christian/Dorothea) Jan 25, 1887

Dippel, Peter: Carrick to Rebecca ZINN; Carrick (Ernest / Margarethea) Jan. 12, 1887

Newton, William : Minto to Rebecca WEISHUHA; Normanby (John/ Margaretha) Jan 5, 1887

Volsing, Henry: Carrick to Martha SCHMIDT; Carrick (Ernest/Fredericka) July 2, 1886

Kaufman, John: Woolwich to Kartarina WEEDNER; Carrick(August/Katharina) May 25, 1886

Laumann, Jacob F.: Woolwich to Elizabeth REITZEL; Woolwich; (Issask/Christina) March 30, 1886

Dippel, Jacob: Carrick to Mary REUBER; Carrick (Peter/Maria) March 25, 1886

Herman, Joseph: Carrick to Mary SCHMIDT, Carrick (David/Sophia) March 23, 1886

Huber, George H.: Carrick to Susanna WEIDNER; Carrick (August/Kathareina) March 23, 1886

Hessenmauer, John; Carrick to Susanna FILSINGER; Waterloo (Fred/Sarah) Feb 16, 1886

Heberle, Nicholaus; Carrick to Rebecca FINK: New Hamburg (Henry/Thilipina?) Dec 24, 1885

Marriages with a Carrick Connection
(Thanks to Mary Crandall for the marriages)

002198-74 (Bruce Co): Joseph LAPORTE, 32, labourer, Freiburg Waterloo Co, Culross, s/o Daniel LAPORTE & Cathrine LEICHMANN, married Rosina OHLHIESER, 21, St. Agatha Waterloo Co, Formosa, d/o Francis OHLHEISER & Anna BREINING; witnesses were John FISHER of Carrick & Amelia BRUCK of Culross. 19 May 1874 at Formosa. B & G are RC married by Rev J J H Moubis. Lds mf 1862891

#002199-74 (Bruce Co): Edward UNGER, 22, labourer, New Germany, Carrick, s/o Jacob UNGER & Magdalena KUNKEL married Agnes WIEJERS, 24, St. Clemens Waterloo Co, Carrick, d/o Wenceslaus WIEJERS & Margaretha BROHMANN: witnesses were Stephen WIEJERS, Magdalena KUNKEL, John NEUBECKER, Elizabeth UNGER, all of Carrick. 14 Apr 1874 at Formosa.. B & G are RC married by Rev J J H Moubis.LDS mf 1862891

#001640-78 (Bruce Co): John HUTTON, 21, harness maker, Carrick, Bruce Co, Port Elgin, s/o Andrew HUTTON & Agnes McGEE sic McNEE, married Sarah Anne POWELL, 19, Arran Bruce Co, Port Elgin, d/o Thos POWELL, & Elizabeth FOX; witnesses were James HUTTON, Carrick, Letitia ALLEN, Allenford. 13 Nov 1878 at Port Elgin, residence of brides father. LDS mf 1863651

#002317-1874 (Bruce Co): Ely ? Albert BRILLINGER, 25, farmer, Tp Whitchurch, Ont, Tp Carrick, Ont, s/o John & Mary BRILLINGER, married Eliza CROZIER, 23, Tp Chinguacousy Ont, Tp Arran Ont, d/o George & Eliza CROZIER; witnesses were George & Mary CROZIER, of Township of Arran. 4 Mar 1874 at Village of Port Elgin, Ont. Note: should be registered in Port Elgin Village not Saugeen Township, line drawn through

#001624-1883 (Bruce Co): James A. Hutton, 28, farmer, Ontario, Carrick Tp, s/o Andrew HUTTON & Agnes McNEE, married Janet KINMOND, 25, Ontario, Bruce Tp, d/o Peter & Mary KINMOND; witnesses were Peter KINMOND, Bruce, John HUTTON, Port Elgin. 4 Apr 1883 at Township of Bruce.






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