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Family Tree Magazine.......all kinds of forms.

Form Description Download
Five-Generation Ancestor Chart
A standard five-generation pedigree chart.
Research Calendar
A classic research organizer. Use a research calendar to keep track of the materials you've searched.
Note-Taking Form
Designed for filing your notes by surname and record type ("ROBINSON: Census Records").
Note-Taking Form
Designed for filing your notes by couple or family group ("John and Mary Jones").
Deed Index—Grantees
Transcribe basic information from town or county deed indexes.
Deed Index—Grantors
Transcribe basic information from town or county deed indexes.
Research Repository Checklist
Record details about an archive or library you plan to visit—a great tool to help plan research trips.
Research Journal
List sources you've checked or plan to check.
Research Worksheet
Ideal for research on long-lost relatives or 20th-century ancestors.
Table of Contents
List the documents in a file folder so you can find them quickly.
Statewide Marriage Index
Identify brides and grooms in a centralized statewide marriage index.

People or Families
Form Description Download
Biographical Outline
Record events in an ancestor's life: information on education, military service, marriage(s), children, etc.
Correspondence Log
Keep track of general research requests.
Family Correspondence Log
Organize research requests from family members.
Family Group Sheet
This essential form lets you compile information about a nuclear family.
Time Capsules
Create your own time capsule from these sample questions.
Military Records Checklist
Track your search for ancestors' military service files. This checklist will also help you decide which records to look for.


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