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       Cemeteries in Carrick Township, Bruce County

Evangelical Church - Concession 4-5
Concession 4 & 5 Church also known as the Evangelical Church Cemetery on Concession 4 had the tombstones moved to St. Paul's United Church Cemetery. Also tombstones were moved from Concession 6 to St. Paul's United Cemetery.
     Most of the stones are in German. Names of those who were members of the Emmanuel Church are: Gutzke, Eckel, Lindenschmidt, Dahms, Kaufman, Clemmer, Faupel, Becketel, Perschbacher, Wieshuhn, Wiedner, Filsinger, Klien, Koening, Mackie, Wiegand, Eickmerier, Reinhardt, Dingel and Schwietzer. There are two sets of stones placed on cement slabs at the back of the present day church. They are located on the far right side at the back and also the closest set is near the tool shed.
Evangelical Church - Concession 6
See above cemetery for information.
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Cemetery - Con. A, Lot 32 Formosa -
Christian Rich donated 12 acres, [NW corner, Concession A, Lot 31] as a site and grounds for a Church and school. The Church was built and was open in 1885.
McIntosh United Church Cemetery - Con. 1, Lot 10
The first graves were those of George PETERMAN, son of Jack who died May 1, 1861; then that of Mary wife of Samuel ARNIEL who died June 2, 1861 at the age of 25. In 1933 a committee and caretaker were appointed to take over what had been the responsibilities of plot owners. In 1943 more land was purchased. In 1964, the Union 13 & 15 School House was purchased and converted into a Mortuary and was used until 1986. Surnames of people buried there are” Allan/Allen; Bussy, Connell, Darling, Dickson, Douglas, Dustov, Ferguson, Finlay/Finley; Fleming, Gowdy, Greenley, Hall, Hamilton, Harkness, Henderson, Hunter, Huston, Inglis, Irwin, Jeffray, Johnson, Kemp, Lane, Lowish, Lowry, Lucas, Lexton, March, Mawhinney, Moore, Muir, McCreery, Mc Elwain, McMichael, Nay, Nickel, Petermann, Renwick, Pemeroy, Russell, Rutledge, Sangster, Schoales, Scott, Smith, Terriff, Teskey, Vogan, Waack, Wallace, Wiggins. Wilson, Wilton, Witner, Wright, Wylie, Wynn and Zinn
Mildmay United Church (St. Paul's & Emmanuel) - Con. 7, Lot 27
The Mildmay Emmanuel Evangelical United Cemetery, Concession 7, Lot 27. There are really four cemeteries at this site. It was St. Paul's Evangelical from 1876 until 1946 and it united with United Brethren.
 The sign at the road says: Mildmay United Cemetery. But is also known as St. Paul's United Church. This cemetery includes stones (mainly German) that were moved from the Evangelical Church Cemetery on Con 4 and from St. Paul's Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery on Con 6. Stones of the first are mounted on a concrete slab at the north-west corner of the Mildmay Cemetery with the following scratched in the cement: "In Memory of Concession 4 and 5 Church 1962" Stones of St. Paul's are mounted at the west end (about the middle) of the Mildmay Cemetery, just to the right of the main driveway. Stone in the front reads: "In Memory of the Pioneers Emmanuel Evangelical Church, 6th Concession, Carrick" A small burial area is still owned by the Cemetery Board. The markers were removed to the back area of the Mildmay United Church Cemetery. Some family names associated with Emmanuel Church are: Gutzke, Eckel, Lindenschmidt, Dahms, Kaufman, Clemmer, Faupel, Becktel, Perschbacher, Weishuhn, Wiedner, Filsinger, Klein, Koenig, Mackie, Wiegand, Eickmeier, Reinhardt, Dingel, and Schwietzer.
Neustadt Baptist Church Cemetery - Con. 11, Lot 28
At present I do not have the history on this cemetery. It will be added once I have that information. Surnames found at this cemetery: Adolph, Albert, Bally, Becker, Bender, Bickel, Boettger, Clemens, Diebel, Dercker, Eidt, Eva, Evers, Fretz, Hahn, Haight, Hammer, Hoffman, Helwig, Hill, Kalefleisch, Kenzie, Krigner, Krohn, Lange, Losch, Luging, Luesing, Luifing, Milhausen, Muller, Huhn, Ryussel, Quanz, Schafer, Schneider, Schwalm, Seipp, Selling, Siefing, Sprankel, Stpehan, Tursch, Voelkel, Wahn, Weber, Wedow, Wilfang, Weltz, Wettlaufer, Witter, Wittich, and Yunblut.
Prussian United Church Cemetery/Reform Lutheran/Freedens- Con. 4, Lot 33
The Prussian United Church dated from 1874-1937. This is also known as Reform Lutheran Cemetery.  The Cemetery which includes more than 47 stones on a acre plot in the shape of a cross was restored by the Schaus family. Names of those buried in the cemetery are: Schaus, Dahm, Wagner, Unger, Hohf, Herr, Binkle, Ruhl, Keuster, Kraft, Pilger, Chresmare and Bhrend.
Sacred Heart Cemetery - Con. 7, Lot 11
    The first church was erected in 1877. The cornerstone for the present church was laid on July 23,1880 (?)
Salem Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery - Con. 11, Lot 22
    Salem Evangelical Church - Organized by Rev. D. Dippel the first services were held in the home of Peter Dippel, lot 21, Concession 10. A log church was built, and Sunday School was began on September 30, 1860.  Across the road was a house and small barn with two acres of land for the minister. This was later destroyed by fire. A new Church was built in 1897. The church was closed in 1943 and the last service was held in 1945, the Church was torn down. Today, the cemetery remains as a reminder of this once proud house of worship.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran New Cemetery - Con. 10, Lot 17
     St. John's New Concession - This land was purchased in 1884 an acre of land as the cemetery at lot 20 Concession 11 was too low for burials by the Tegler family who in turn donated it St. John's Lutheran Church.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Old Cemetery - Con. 11, Lot 20
    St. John' s Lutheran Church - The first recorded service was held on December 26, 1861 at the home of George Wiseman on Concession 11, Lot 11. St. John's was organized in 1862. The first funerals were in 1863, three children under the age of three years old in 1867, one child 1 month 8 days; another 1 month and 25 days. The cornerstone of St. John's was laid on "Rogation Sunday" 1876 and the Church was dedicated in November of 1876. The Church had a large congregation until people coming a good distance built their own church at Walkerton in 1880 and 1887 in Mildmay. The last service was held on March 28, 1974. A memorial service is held every July.
St. John's Lutheran Church - Con. 2, Lot 18
     A small church was built early in 1870 on what then the William McGavin farm, now owned by Robert Hohnstein. Rev. H. Bruer, a pastor from Lauderbach, was their pastor. The church was closed about 1920 from lack of membership. The cemetery was taken over by Carrick Township who were compelled to clean up the abandoned cemetery . In 1971 a motion was made to do this work. Names found are: Albrecht, Burrow {Buhrow}, Loth, Huth, Ortman, Losch, Shearer, Brandt, Rehkoph, Gross, Remus and Hohnstein.
Balaclava Presbyterian Cemetery - Con. D, Lot 30
     This cemetery is 1 miles south of Mildmay on Highway #9 . The earliest date on the Communion role is 1872 . In 1892, a Presbyterian church was built in Mildmay and the members moved to Mildmay. In 1971-72, the cemetery was revamped, and the best stones were placed on a cement slab.
St. Matthews Lutheran ~ Mildmay
     On November 23, 1890 the church was dedicated and the following year, all debts were paid. The Cemetery is located directly across from Sacred Heart Cemetery.
St. Francis Xavier ~ Carlsruhe - Con. 15, Lot 30
    The first Mass was held in the village of Carlsruhe in early 1853. Construction of this Church started in 1872 and took two years to complete. Father Rossaerts {who came from Holland} brought back from Holland in 1872 a little acorn which he planted in front of the rectory. This tree still stands today.
St. Ignatius ~ Deemerton - Con. 8, Lot 20
    This hamlet was first known as Beaford, with the parish formed in 1853 named after the founder of the Jesuit Order. The cornerstone of the Church was laid in 1872.
Early Methodist Cemetery - Con. 14 - Side road 25N 
     The following people are buried this cemetery: CARTER, ROBINSON and, LIEBLER. In all there are eight stones uncovered. Thanks to Sue Visser for the photos.


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